i adore this place. i create new memories here every year.

the smell of funnel cakes and churros fill the air. the screaming echoes throughout the park. cute couples walk hand in hand. and as the sun sets, the lights of each ride brightens the sky. happiness is all around. 

1st August, WednesdayReblog
can’t be described.

there are moments and events that occur in life that we shouldn’t even bother trying to describe to the outside world. there are only so many things that can be captured through words and pictures. the parts that can’t be should remain in your heart and mind. they are treasured memories. 

with that said… this past week was incredible. and instead of trying to describe it to you, i’ll share the things that i’ve concluded from these amazing moments. 

swingsets are childish and innocent. i adore them. my mom and dad always make sure we pray before heading out on a long trip or vacation. i shall do that with my kids. i have an odd addiction to caprisuns and sunflower seeds. no shame. make sure to always clear the ground from rocks before pitching a tent. i got over 15 mosquito bites. be sure not to scratch them, bring bugspray next time. messy buns are the winning hairstyle when camping. i want to learn the legit rules to tetherball. you can’t try to walk slowly into lake water. dive right in, it’s refreshing i promise. bring a good book to read while tanning. it is okay to not have cellphone service. staying disconnected from the world is healthy for the soul. prepare a food menu ahead of time when you go on vacation. then you’ll have all your necessities. if the weather is nice ALWAYS do your devotions outside. the Lord always finds different ways to speak to you. growing up and being mature isn’t always easy, but certainly rewarding. so love fearlessly. stargazing is one of many small miracles within God’s creation. be strong. be brave. go climb a mountain. family is one of the biggest blessings God gave to us. cherish them, love them wholeheartedly, pray for them, and enjoy every moment you get to spend with them. 

this week was amazing. i am so thankful for simple moments. 

22nd July, SundayReblog
away we go.

let’s enter into the rocky mountains, the summer breeze, and the fresh air. 

16th July, MondayReblog
the fourth festivities.

sadly, i have not been taking many pictures of my summer. so, words will have to suffice for the amazing moments i have been experiencing.  

that is the great thing about summer. it is filled with memorable moments. moments that consist of having one of my best friends make my family dinner. dancing in the kitchen to EarthWind&Fire. all nighters filled with board games, many laughs, and heartfelt conversations. sitting on my roof, covered in blankets watching the sun rise on july fourth. spending a sunny afternoon in the park. taking naps on the grass. walks in foster city to meet up with good friends. trying to find a way to stay warm as the cold bay area weather files in. leaning against someone feeling completely comfortable and safe. a firework show that will always be tradition when i’m home. late night drives that include loud hiphop music, cool dancing, and too much traffic. 

then i find myself in the moment where i’m laying in my comfy bed about to fall asleep and i can still hear the fireworks going off around the city. i’m home. i’m blessed. and my summer has been incredible so far. i can’t wait for more moments to come. 

5th July, ThursdayReblog
mini vaca.

Oh yes. I get to accompany one of my best friends on a roadtrip back down to SoCal. She has some placement testing for her school, and I’m joining her for the getaway. It is much needed for both of us and I’m glad we get to spend some time together. 

so ready for: 

It is the perfect time for a break. I’m so excited!

19th June, TuesdayReblog
bucket list. beach. bonfires.  
this list honestly made me feel good inside. i swear my summer shall consist of majority of these things. 
on my 2012 summer bucket list. 
A Lonely Summer.

As depressing as that sounds, I know this is going to be healthy for me. 

The last 3 summers have been spent with some guy apart of my life somehow. Not necessarily dating, but so called “talking” or whatever… Either way those summers were spent being dependent on a guy to be all that I needed. Well, this summer is going to be the complete opposite. The Lord has called me to be completely alone in ever sense of the word. 

Seriously though. Alone. Even right now, I am sitting completely alone in my house. All my close girl friends are in different places. I am not talking to any guy. My family is still at work and in school. And I’m alone. Now of course it won’t be that way the entire summer. I plan to hangout with my friends and family. But this morning it really hit me how alone I felt. It won’t be for long, but I’m going to have moments like this through out the summer. I don’t have someone tangibly with me or someone I’m constantly talking to. I’m not going to be dependent on a guy. I’m not going to be dependent on my best friends. The Lord is completely stripping away people in order for me to be intimate with Him.

Challenging? Yes. Scary? Yes. Lonely? Yes. But that is how it needs to be right now. I want Him to fill every void. I want to depend solely on Him and who He is. I want Him to be the one I am completely intimate with. No distractions. No other people. Just Him. It’s time to pour myself into prayer, the Word, and spending time with only Him. Sure, my emotions get the best of me. I’ve already started missing certain people. People that I once depended on. But they aren’t apart of my life right now, and as much as it hurts, it’s how it’s supposed to be. 

To be honest, I’m both scared and excited. I have no idea what this will all look like. It scares me how fast so many things have changed. I don’t know what to expect at all. I hate it, but at the same time it is going to be a huge growing season in my life. When I really think about it, I get excited to see what it will look like when I’m completely whole and content in my Savior. I’ve never felt something like that. I’ve always had other people doing that for me, but not anymore. The Lord is going to be all I need and more, and I can’t wait to feel it. To see it. To experience it. Once I look past the difficulties, I see growth. I see maturity. There isn’t anything else I could need or want. 

Here’s to the summer of 2012. 

"it’s just You and me here now." 

8th May, TuesdayReblog
Summer Bucket List.

Because, I like having a list that I can cross off. Makes me feel accomplished. It is now officially posted: 

Well, that is it for now. I shall definitely be adding more and crossing things off as days go by. 

Hello, summer 2012. Please, be good to me. (: 

5th May, SaturdayReblog