a chapter. ↘

monday musings have returned and i’m so incredibly thankful for Jesus and what He’s done in my life. 

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Your worth is not defined by how others treat you.
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a road less traveled. ↘

 ”Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by… And it hurt man!” - Kid President 3 1/2 weeks have gone by since i last wrote on my blog. and i pictured these last few weeks …

monday musings came back. it’s been quite some time since i’ve written, so here ya go! 

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currently learning: 10th March, MondayReblog

i want summer time with family. i want to feel safe. i want roadtrips. i want quality time with quality people. i want to not feel tired. i want to not be afraid. i want to trust. 

it’s just not reality right now. and maybe that’s okay. 

26th February, WednesdayReblog
i need Jesus.

today. tomorrow. and for the rest of my life. 

5th January, SundayReblog
be brilliant. be brave.

my mantra for 2014. be brilliant. be brave. 

i love new years day. it’s the feeling of a fresh start. a new beginning. the first page of a story. 

i also think that new year resolutions are still good for the soul. so, here are mine. 

1. Read a Psalm a day - before I left for Christmas break I was talking to a professor who was going through the Psalms. the way she talked about it was so passionate and refreshing. she was learning new things, she was reading chapters of the Bible that she hadn’t before, she was weeping from the joy of the Lord. i want that. so here’s to the Psalms for 2014. 

2. Write more - whether it’s in my journal or on this blog, i just want to do it more often. i’m passionate about writing. i feel like my writing is honest and real and i want others to see it. not only that, but i want to see it for myself. i want my writing to be brilliant and i want to be brave enough to let others see it. 

3. Stay physically fit and eat healthier - well, isn’t this the looming new years resolution everyone has. if i really succeed at this i will be shocked. but it’s time i be more practical about it all. it’s as simple as running a mile once a week or drinking water every day. it’s not like i have to go sign up for gym membership. i’m just going to take the steps that are practical for me to accomplish this goal. if and when you see me, ask me how i’m doing. i’ll need help with this one. 

4. Go to bed before midnight - unless i’m partying hard (which is highly unlikely) i don’t need to be up past midnight for no reason. Pretty Little Liars and facebook can wait another day. sleep is important and if i’m going to bed at a decent hour, waking up will be more refreshing. i like the sound of refreshing mornings. 

5. Get a tattoo - ha. this is more a bucket list goal. but i’m really thinking of getting the word joy tattooed when i turn 20. it’s time. i want it. be brave right? 

6. Revamp my Spotify - i want to take a good amount of time to make some solid playlists on my spotify. a worship playlist. a dance party playlist. a rainy day playlist. have any suggestions? please send them my way. i’m itching for new music in 2014.

7. Leisurely read 3 books - you must be thinking, really? only 3. okay, i’m a full time college student. leisure reading doesn’t exist throughout the school year. if anything these books will be read during the summer, if that. but i love reading and i miss it dearly. so, this is happening. i’m determined with this one. 

8. Stay simple - 2013 was spent with me making things way too difficult for myself. i’m an adult. if things don’t need to be complicated, don’t make it. simplifying my life is much needed. i am blessed with many things and i’m naturally a simple person. no need to be too hard on myself. 

9. Work hard in school - i’m paying lots of money for college. it’s time i make the best of my second semester of my junior year and my first semester of senior year. i want to get good grades. i want to be a good leader. i want a good balance of social and education life. i know it’s possible. 

10. Serve others. Love well. - always easier said than done. but i think there is something to say about being selfless. the world does not revolve around me, nor should it. this is my take on being more and more like Jesus. this was something He did perfectly and though i will never be able to do that, i’m going to do my best to get as close as possible. people deserve it. people deserve to be served and loved by the hands and feet of Jesus and that is who i’m called to be. 

alright. there is my 10. 

hello, 2014. 

1st January, WednesdayReblog

he just left. and it wasn’t a pretty goodbye. in fact it was really really hard. 

but i remind myself that he is more than good for me. he’s everything i need in my life. every hard conversation and disagreement. he is what i need. 

and i constantly have to remind myself that. apart from the goodbye, this weekend was sweet with a very sweet man. home isn’t where i live, it’s when i get to be with my family and him in one place. and i’ve realized it doesn’t happen often. so the fact that it’s over makes me sad. 

i miss him already. 

29th December, SundayReblog
the smell of coffee and some thoughts.

here’s to sitting in starbucks and being done with all your homework… 

well. here’s to writing nothing very profound but you all get a small glimpse of my mind filled with too many thoughts.

11th November, MondayReblog
You are continuing to become who God is calling you to be. Not because you need to be someone different, but because He sees the best in you that you may have yet to discover in yourself.

— JJ Peterson 

18th October, FridayReblog

i love Jesus for loving me. especially in the times where i can’t even love myself. 

16th October, WednesdayReblog
real & honest.

i’m currently experiencing one of the hardest seasons of my life. God is taking me out of all i know to be comfortable and safe. we live in a world with constant change, and i’m not a huge fan. i’ve never been a huge fan.

the Lord is doing this new thing where He’s changing who I am, who I’ve been. and in the midst of that change i began to not like myself very much. i am insecure. i am not living up to my own expectations of myself. i am broken. i am frustrated with the fact that i don’t know who i’m becoming. i’ve been so used to my old self. my old ways of doing relationships. my old ways of worshipping. my old ways of being joyful. my old ways of just being. but God said to me, “Christina, it’s time to mature. to grow. to leave those old ways behind and become someone who does all those things, but just different than how you used to.” so i’m in the midst of a lot of transition both around me and inside of me. it has been so hard. so hard. i hate it. i love it. i’m tired. but God has been so faithful to me.

a good friend told me the best thing i have to offer this world is me. who i am in a real, honest, true form. so here it is. i am human. a human who God adores and loves and wants to instill His heart inside of.

this is my real & honest life. it’s the best i have to offer. in order for others to know that what is real and honest is exactly who God wants us to be. 

10th October, ThursdayReblog
my thoughts today.

in the midst of a really hard season, i’m on this journey of finding joy again. hope again. love again. 

8th October, TuesdayReblog
we may have found each other, but JJ Peterson brought us closer together. he inspired us. taught us to love Jesus and others well. he believed in us. 
and for that i’m truly grateful. these are my people. the people i want by my side for the rest of my life. God gave me them, but i choose to stay close to them for as long as i can. 
i’m so incredibly thankful. 

it’s been a while… since i’ve had peace, joy, a desire to write again, happy, content about being at Life Pacific College.

it’s been a while, since i’ve been me.  

after much time, many tears, and constant prayer i can finally say i’m feeling peace again. i’m feeling like me again. God has brought me a long way and i still have a long way to go, but i’m thankful. i’m thankful that the God of the heavens continues to refine my being. even in the moments where i feel angry and frustrated with the Lord and the things He is doing in me, the process will always be worth it. 

i’m here. i’m trying. i’m growing. and it is all very much difficult, 


i’m at peace. 

24th September, TuesdayReblog