it’s been a while… since i’ve had peace, joy, a desire to write again, happy, content about being at Life Pacific College.

it’s been a while, since i’ve been me.  

after much time, many tears, and constant prayer i can finally say i’m feeling peace again. i’m feeling like me again. God has brought me a long way and i still have a long way to go, but i’m thankful. i’m thankful that the God of the heavens continues to refine my being. even in the moments where i feel angry and frustrated with the Lord and the things He is doing in me, the process will always be worth it. 

i’m here. i’m trying. i’m growing. and it is all very much difficult, 


i’m at peace. 

24th September, TuesdayReblog
trust and see that the Lord is good.

it’s one of those cliche tough questions that the world always ask Christians. if there is a God why do bad things always happen? and as theological as everyone can get when answering this question, i’m not going to bother. i don’t have an answer. 

on the other hand, i find myself asking a similar question. it’s more along the lines of accepting that bad things will happen, but questioning how do we push through? it’s not easy.

i have a nephew who is a year old. he has a brain disease. he has seizures/spasms daily. he can’t hold his head up on his own and he is on medication. and it’s hard. i hold him and he will have a seizure in my arms and all i want to do is take the pain away, but i can’t. and to think that it’s hard for me to handle? i look at the parents. i look at my cousin who is so strong and a great father who provides. a cousin in law who is the most loving and gracious mother, but they have their moments where it’s difficult to want to keep going. it has taken a toll on our family as a whole.

that is where my question comes back around… how do we push through? of course i know all the right answers. we trust the Lord. we pray and believe in a healing miracle. we know God won’t give us anything we can’t handle. yes, i understand. to really feel that though, to really think and believe all those things on a constant basis is more work than we would want to do. i can say it to myself and to my family, but they can become just words. i truly believe each day has to be spent in prayer for this little one. each day my family needs to be in the Word and living it out. the joy of the Lord, the peace beyond understanding, the faith that can move mountains, none of those things will happen in our own power. we have to fall on our knees daily asking for God’s hand in this situation. there is no other way to go. 

so sure, bad things happen. sure, it’s difficult to push through. but there is a God who is bigger and mightier than this world. the devil can throw every lie and bad thought our way, but in Jesus’ name i am believing for a miracle. my family has grown so much in this past year and it is because of Edmond. it is because this boy was born into our family and each day has taught us to have constant faith and trust in our Lord.

and in this, His name will be glorified. 

i would really appreciate it if you guys would all keep us in your prayers. God has us in a challenging season, but it is so good.

thank you(:

- christinajoy  

30th July, MondayReblog

it’s been so long since i’ve laid by the ocean. hearing the waves swish back and forth, feeling the warm sand beneath me, closing my eyes and feeling at peace. 

i need to go back. 

27th July, FridayReblog
that looks peaceful. 
Prayer for March 27th.

Lord, thank You for providing me with Your peace. When the devil tries to steal my peace, reveal his plans to me. I won’t let him take my peace. Instead, I’ll remain rooted in You. 


Scripture: “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.” John 14:27

Allow the Lord’s peace to surround you. Don’t let the devil get his way. I encourage you to stay rooted in Christ, and His peace will be with you in all that you do. 

27th March, TuesdayReblog
Prayer for January 26th.

God, I know that You have overcome any and every obstacle, so I ask You to help me live in the peace that You’ve provided for me. Show me how to trust You as I live in the now. 


Scripture: “I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

He has your future in the palm of His hands. Allow Him to give you the peace you need right now. Trust Him. 

26th January, ThursdayReblog
Find Peace.

There are so many times we feel lost. Abandoned. Helpless. Confused. Lonely. 

We don’t understand death. Broken relationships. Hurting families. 

 Personally, I have been quite restless. I’ve been anxious. I’ve been confused. I’ve been frustrated. I haven’t been able to find a church while living down in Southern California, and it’s killing me. I’m so ready to just pick one and start serving, but there is always something keeping me from finally making a decision. I have no idea what it is, but I have not had peace about this situation at all. I’m ready to give up. On top of that, I’m in search of a job, and that also makes me restless. I know the Lord is going to provide for me in every way, but I’m not at peace. It’s time I start to seek His peace. 

Maybe you’re not at peace. Maybe you feel alone. Maybe you’re hurting more than anyone can understand. Maybe you feel confused about what your calling is. And maybe. Just maybe, it is God’s way of telling you to seek His peace. When was the last time you prayed for the Lord to overwhelm you with His peace that surpasses all understanding?

Find a quiet place. Write in a journal. Worship Him without song. Be still before Him. Don’t think He doesn’t know where you’re at. He is right there with you. But if you are pushing Him away, you’re pushing yourself far from the peace that He has for you. The peace that He has for you is far greater than any type of peace you will find on this Earth. 

And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7

In case you didn’t notice, God grants you peace which goes farther than those issues we don’t understand. His peace goes farther than that death. That broken relationship. That tough decision. That confusing situation. His peace will guard your heart and mind. His peace will push away any thinking that you won’t make it. 

Spend time in prayer with your Heavenly Father, and allow the Lord to bless you with His peace. Not only for today, but the hard days to come. He has not left you. He will never leave you.

His peace surpasses all understanding…

18th January, WednesdayReblog
He is my…

Protector. Safety. Comfort. Peace. Healer. 

I had looked at a certain person as my protector. This person was supposed to keep me safe. I had become too dependent. But I unfortunately was disappointed. I tried to replace God’s safety, with a person who was bound to fail me. I needed someone tangible. I needed a person to tell me they would keep me from any hurt. I put too much expectation on someone. 

I learned that the Lord is my protection. He is my safety. He is going to comfort me in my times of hurt. He will give me peace when my head is filled with uncertainty, anxiousness, and worry. He has healed my heart from hurt. In chapel today we were all asked why we love God. Well, this is why I love Him. I have become very careful with who I allow to come into my life. I have people I am close to, but they are human, and they will disappoint us. I love the Lord because I know He will never fail me. He is all I need and more, and that is why I love Him. And I continue to surrender to Him…

He breaks me in order to rebuild me… 

11th October, TuesdayReblog
peace is always needed. 
When you pray, you “stay” your mind on Christ, resulting in peace. Bow your knees and banish anxiety.
20th August, SaturdayReblog