Micah 6:8

act justly.
love mercy.
walk humbly.

this is what the Lord requires of us. 

30th April, TuesdayReblog
Look for a love to remember… not a love you recognize.

— Gabe Bondoc 

2nd October, TuesdayReblog
Love is intentional. Love is an action. Love is a commitment.
21st September, FridayReblog

i hate being taken for granted. i hate being walked all over. i hate giving everything i have and getting nothing in return. i hate allowing my thoughts dictate how i should feel. 

it needs to stop. 

i’m blessed. i’m loved. i’m worth it because i have a God who loves me. 

14th September, FridayReblog
keep in mind.

Love God. Love others. Love yourself. 

29th August, WednesdayReblog
we need reality.
27th July, FridayReblog

i enjoy being friends again. 

you are great and i’m so blessed to still have you in my life. 

3rd June, SundayReblog
Always hold onto your joy and remember that you are so much more than your circumstances.
21st July, ThursdayReblog