i hate being taken for granted. i hate being walked all over. i hate giving everything i have and getting nothing in return. i hate allowing my thoughts dictate how i should feel. 

it needs to stop. 

i’m blessed. i’m loved. i’m worth it because i have a God who loves me. 

keep in mind.

  • Jesus loves you. He also loves that one person you dislike. He also loves everyone equally.
  • Don’t overcomplicate life. 
  • Pride is a horrific trait. Choose humility. (:  
  • You are not ever going to be better than someone else. You are a screwed up sinner saved by grace. Just like the rest of the world. Stop putting yourself above others. 
  • Simplicity is golden. 
  • Put an end to caring what other people think of you. You should only answer to the Lord. 
  • Smile more. 
  •  List what you are thankful for. And remember: there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for. 
  • Complaining is immature. You are incredibly blessed. 
  • Don’t put such high expectations on people. You’ll be disappointed. 
  • Make a decision and commit to it. 
  • God will use you wherever you are. Be here and be present. 
  • Assuming that you have something to offer this world is bull. You are a vessel. You need to start allowing the Lord to use you for His glory, not your own. 
  • The Lord knows your heart. He knows your desires. He knows your dreams. So surrender. DAILY. 
  • You will never ever come to a point where you’re a finished product. Accept the fact that you will forever be a work in progress. 
  • Fall in love with someone. It is worth it. 
  • The church is Jesus’ bride. He treasures her. 

Love God. Love others. Love yourself. 

i enjoy being friends again. 

you are great and i’m so blessed to still have you in my life. 

Always hold onto your joy and remember that you are so much more than your circumstances.