I’ve been overwhelmed with both the trials and blessings friendships have brought me the past two weeks. 

I have caught up with my closest friends from high school. I have fought with my best friends here in college. I am rebuilding a friendship with someone dear to my heart. I’ve been spending time with friends that live off campus. I have distanced myself from some friends. I just got off the phone with a friend that lives far away from me. Friends. Friends. Friends. 

It amazes me to see what the Lord teaches me throughout each of my friendships. I see His hand throughout each of them. I know through these friendships He is teaching me to work hard and do what’s best for me when it comes to the people in my life. We have to let go at times and hold on at times. There are times where people leave and people come back. But no matter what I need to trust God with each of them. I need to remember that these friendships are gifts from Him and I need to allow Him to do what He wants. 

I’m blessed though. I have amazing people in my life at the moment. Be jealous. (: 

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